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The Journals of Misora Dorval
A Vengeful Dragon


Draykan was surprised by the hug, and just how much emotion was put into it especially. But he didn’t push her away, instead his sword was also dropped to the ground and he returned the hug, 

No words were said for several moments, the draconic man just holding the womer and running his hands softly through her hair, trying to comfort her in any way he could. Then finally he spoke, his words low and soft.

"I know it’s hard, seeing this happen in front of you. But some things are necessary… It’s alright now though, it’s over." Refusing to wait for her response, Draykan reached down and lifted her up bridal style, beginning the trek back to her home.

The sudden motion caught the Dunmer off-guard, but she didn’t protest.  Instead, the emotional mer gently laid her head against Draykan’s shoulder.  Both of the warriors had left their weapons behind, half stuck in the mud but propped up against the others hilt in the middle of the encampment.

Misora stared at the ground with misty eyes.  She was so ashamed and embarrassed by the day’s events that she didn’t want to speak.   Her hand still gripped Draykan’s shirt so tightly that her nails nearly tore through the fabric.  The Dunmer wasn’t injured—she was fully capable of walking, but if she had proven how pathetic she was, she may as well follow through and let the dragon baby her. 

Soon, the Librarium doorway was in sight.  Misora was still furious with herself and still refused to say a word.  The thought of him carrying her over the threshold made her blush angrily, but she was not about to make any effort to stop him.


Nymeria followed the smiling womer into the warmth of the kitchen area, giggling at the little animal hurrying to keep up with Misora, “Oh thank you so much, I’d love some wine” her smile grew as she looked around, the kitchen reminded her a bit of her own. She took a seat at a small square table.

"Did I already ask you how long you’ve lived here?"

"Oh, possibly!  I haven’t had the Librarium for very long, just under two years.  Though I had been saving up the funds for it for about thirty."  She explained.   To the Dunmer’s left was a large cupboard stocked with various foods.  From the top shelf she pulled down a large wheel of sharp eidar cheddar, placing it on to a countertop and reaching for a small knife hanging on the wall.  Albus eyed the pungent cheese, a line of drool rolling off his tongue and pooling on the floor.

"I’m quite happy here though.  I just wish Skyrim wasn’t so bitterly cold!"



Not expecting the physical touch—and not in the mood to receive comfort just yet—the vampire flinched away from the contact and hissed at her. Why should she care? Look at how happy she is. She could not possibly understand, not possibly help. No one ever helped. They just pointed out mistakes.

No one can help. I have been trying and trying for so long and it does not matter how hard I fucking try, I always do something wrong. It is not enough to try. Trying does nothing, but I cannot be what others want me to be. I try but I never achieve. What is the point of trying if one cannot achieve?!”

Misora jumped back about a foot when Dalamus hissed, and even more so when he began to rant.  He was clearly furious and she did have a certain level of fear rattling down her spine, but it wasn’t enough to drive her away.   The womer kept her hands in front of her, almost defensively as she spoke again.

"Why hold yourselves to the standards of others?  You are a unique individual Dalamus."  Misora’s voice was quiet, but her words were clear. "Don’t let others determine how you are to be."


Tertius walked up to her and lifted her up adjusting the rope grabbing her by the neck to hold her still, forcing a blade to her throat. “Where.” He said flatly but coldly pressing his powerful knee into the woman’s groin.

"He—kk!" She sputtered the words, barely able to exhale a breath. "Attacked me in—hng! M-my home!  Stugh!! Stole… Goldbrand!"  The mer wasn’t able to breathe or speak in this state.  Her face was beginning to turn purple.


Halatrix awoke to the the Dunmer pelting her face with kisses her amber eyes darting around like twin meteors. “I.. wha- did you say yes?” She murmured as she propped herself up with her elbows. This was all so much to take in.

Misora blinked. “What! Were you asleep!?”  Her voice shot up an octave and the womer pounced, shoving Halatrix’s face into the soil. “I was being serious and you decided to take a nap! You’re going to pay for that!”  But her tone wasn’t angry, it was devious and playful.


"I do." He smiles at her.

"If you ever feel down, come see me.  I keep a full stock of kisses."


Tertius finally shouted punching a small tree, his arm was so strong the tree couldn’t take the blow and fell over. “THE SKELETON KEY!!!” He roared now, he was as loud as a Dragon and sounded as wild as the Forsworn. He yelled at her to tell him again unsheathing his a small blade.

Misora gasped loudly as the blade shimmered in her vision.  But it wasn’t the weapon that made her heart skip a beat, it was mention of the Skeleton Key. Her tears ceased for a moment, but her heart felt as if it was about to burst right from her chest.

"H-he has it." The mer breathed. "He killed a Nightingale and took it, but I— I have no idea where he is."  She spoke as if the man knew who she was talking about, but when Misora thought deeply, she had never known the name of the Argonian monster that had terrorized her only a few short days ago.


"I guess." He bends down to her level.

She smiles and places a sweet little kiss on his left cheek.  ”There, feel better?”


Halatrix looked away in embarrassment, only glancing back at the Mer sitting in her lap. She quickly nodded her head. “Mhmm.” She could barely squeak out before becoming completely overwhelmed with emotions and passing out.

A huge smile painted across Misora’s face as she poked Halatrix’s nose with her own. “Don’t hide!”  She begged in a playful tone. “Please, I want to see your eyes!” The mer mushed her mouth against the human’s, her grin forcing her lips to tighten.

"Yes,"  Misora beamed, still peppering Halatrix with kisses. "I do want to be with you, as more than just a friend.”


Tertius relented slightly letting her gasp for some air, before tearing off one of the womer’s sleeves, "You will tell me or I will kill you." He said with a menace in his tone.

"What key!?" She screamed at him. "I don’t understand!!"  Her muscles were so tense she thought she was going to vomit, if not for the fact that her stomach was empty.


"I don’t need to comment on it all the time, do I?"

 ”No, I suppose not.” She sighed. “You do seem out of sorts.  Would a kiss help?”

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Halatrix grew redder and redder as she struggled to get her words out. “I-I… uh… er- was um… wondering if… ah… y-you wanted to… ‘be’ with me… mu-muthsera?” By the time she finished, a million and one thoughts raced their way through her head. Her voice had dwindled to but an barely audible whisper and she felt like she was boiling in the heat of the Alik’r.

Shocked, the mer planted her palms on the ground and hovered over Halatrix.  Misora’s eyes were wide, moreso than usual.  It was as if she was studying the Redguard to see if there was even a hint of a joke in her words.  Her suspicions were buried when Halatrix followed up her question with ‘muthsera’.

"Hala— er, Laila. Do… do you mean it?" There was a hint of cry in her voice.

misoradorval: *snickers* hnn pfff! 'Doom Drum'!




"No. Surprisingly. It is because I ‘bang the drums of war’ or something like that.”

She cocked her head at the god.  ”What’s wrong?  You’re not your usual sarcastic self lately.  You haven’t made a single comment about my naivety.”