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The Journals of Misora Dorval

[[random pic of sendusdren


I wish I had enough energy after work to make some proper art :( until I do, here’s one more guar gif


Shrine in the Soul Cairn

[[Miso and Albus if they were in Destiny


wants to thank
all of you lovelies for being amazing."
 First I would like to thank everyone who has been so amazing and lovely to me while I have been roleplaying in this fandom, you are all so very beautiful!

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— Anonymous: line: Albus is a big dumb potato!

[[YES! 6/5

— Anonymous: Ooh (Line!!) do some drunk-talk xD

[[i said to myself i wouldn’t count anons, but HNNNG that’s a good one! 5/5

vamp-irony: ((line "I-Is the gag really necessar-- MMMPH!?"

[[i think this was #4?  but oh yes we’re doing this one!

— Anonymous: line :3

[[Doesnt count! Theres no line!

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misoradorval: [[Oracle


"Through ice and blood child of the fields
by your father’s lash against those he met
retribution shall alas fall.

Child of Azura, fate hath drawn a cruel card
For your tomb shall not be among the ash
But Ice shall fill the grave

Reborn in fires of the Soul Forge
The new Master awaits.
And a Queen shall rise. 

vamp-irony replied to your post:(I know I already sent one but) “I want to read and learn with you, Misora. You’re a fascinating person.”

*Defensive vampire noises*

"Eeeasy Hala, he’s a friend."

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spellassassin: LINE! Going with what Draykan said, since I haven't had a chance to read through a whole lot of her stuff yet and that sounded like an interesting quote to hear. : 3

[[ok thanks! that’s three so far!  remember, even though lines from RPs are fun and awesome, it doesn’t HAVE to be!

draykan: LINE! From our Vengeful RP, a line before Miso turned into a big baby

[[this one?

"You enter my home, attack me, steal my possessions, then insult me?  I think not." Misora hissed through her teeth. "Why."  She spoke plainly, barely hiding her emotions. "Tell me why you did it."

arcanepower: LINE! ("I love Albus so much" maybe)

[[xD yes! will do!  maybe i should have someone voice albus too?

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