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The Journals of Misora Dorval
adventures-of-ellis: "I still owe you a drink"

"That’s usually my line!"  Misora laughed.  "We can settle that now, if you like?" The mer pointed to the tavern down the street.

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Guardians of the Past
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Guardians of the past (according to Cameron Lee)

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Misora pouted and gave Halatrix puppy dog eyes. “I know it’s just for show, but did you have to tie it so tight?”  

Halatrix nodded and pulled the ribbons a little tighter then tied them off in a neat bow. “Is that good?”

The Dunmer took a moment to examine her waistline in the mirror before turning back to Halatrix. “It feels alright, how does it look?”

Misora and Amber


The assurance was all the Dunmer needed for the Saxhleel’s comfort. The air instantly felt the tension leave. “Thank the gods for animals being behaved.” Amber had a toothy smile, the oddly well rested Argonian seemed eager to get started. “Is the Guar housebroken? Or is he inclined to have others clean up? I may as well know where I have to watch my steps.”

"Oh yes, he knows to head to the door and call when he wants out.  I’m sure he will be quite shy of you for the first little bit." Misora assured the Argonian.

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